After careful consideration and in support of our community, public health and wellness, all adopt-a-thons and adoptions have been suspended until further notice. 
Please monitor this page for updates and click here for more information about the Coronavirus/Covid19 and your pet.

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions is a cat and kitten rescue and adoption organization and no-kill shelter in Cary, North Carolina. We are a 501(c)(3) public charity and our mission is to help homeless, abandoned, and/or abused cats and kittens find safe, loving, permanent homes, and reduce the number of unwanted pets destroyed at kill shelters.

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions

Our Adoption Hours are:

Thursday and Friday 3pm-6pm

Saturday 1pm-5pm

Get to know Cat Angels!

This video, shot and edited by Wayne at Smile, Shoot, Print (www.smileshootprint.com), gives a quick introduction to the wonderful world and work of Cat Angels Pet Adoptions in Cary, NC.

The amazing guys at Gamers Nexus shot this footage of the kitties at Cat Angels when they came to install the computer they built JUST FOR US. We are so grateful for their help. We now have an awesome computer for our adoption team! Thank you, Steve, and everyone at Gamers Nexus!



 Cat Angels Pet Adoptions

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Cat Angels is located at 959 N. Harrison Avenue in Cary, NC


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