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Cat Angels Pet Adoptions is on WRAL's Pet of the Day. The broadcast dates are listed below. Clickable dates link to the videos that have aired.



Date (and link)

Cat or Kitten

Adoption Status

11-Mar  Roxy Adopted!
04-Mar  Wilford Brimley Adopted!
26-Feb  Princess Bride Buttercup  Adopted!
19-Feb  Westley Adopted!
05-Feb  Toni Orlando  Adopted!
29-Jan  Valerie  Adopted!
22-Jan  Princess Bride Buttercup  Adopted!
15-Jan Buttercup  Adopted!
 08-Jan Westley  Adopted!
18-Dec   Waldo Adopted!
11-Dec  Rigatoni Adopted!
04-Dec  Blossom Adopted!
27-Nov  Fiori Adopted!
 20-Nov    Ripley  Adopted!
13-Nov  Carli Lloyd   Adopted!
06-Nov  Craig Ferguson  Adopted!
 30-Oct Nike  Adopted!
23-Oct  Carli Lloyd Adopted!
 16-Oct Megan Rapione Adopted!
 09-Oct Abby Wambach  Adopted!
 02-Oct Samantha Bee  Adopted! 
 25-Sep Paolo Maldani Adopted
 18-Sep Dallas Adopted!
11-Sep  Ripley Adopted!
04-Sep Topeka   Adopted!
28-Aug  Louise Adopted!
21-Aug   Phoenix Adopted!
14-Aug  Duff  Adopted!
7-Aug  Rascal Adopted! 
31-Jul   Georgie Adopted!
17-Jul  Blossom Adopted!
3-Jul Louise Adopted
26-Jun  Vivian Adopted!
19-Jun Finley  Adopted!
12-Jun  Wendy the Builder Adopted!
6-Jun  Bob the Builder Adopted!
29-May   Blossom Adopted!
22-May  Mickey Mouse Adopted!
15-May Diane  Adopted!
08-May  Carla  Adopted!
24-Apr   Bubbles Adopted!
03-Apr   Gretel Adopted!
27-March  Wendy the Builder Adopted!
20-Mar  Georgie  Adopted!
13-Mar   Bob the Builder Adopted!
06-Mar Rudy  Adopted!


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