Butch Cassidy (Fiv Positive) #1133: Male Cats and kittens
Butch Cassidy (Fiv Positive)
ID: 1133
Cats and kittens
Domestic Short Hair (mix)
Gender: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Size: Medium
Age: 9 years
Available: 01/01/2019
Location: Shelter: Cat Angels Pet Adoptions
Hi! My name is Butch Cassidy! I was abandoned outdoors to fend for myself. I wasn't very good at it - I was so hungry and cold. These nice folks helped me out and gave me all the food and love any cat could ask for. I have this thing called "FIV". It's OK - you won't get sick. I'm pretty healthy and can live a normal life span. If you have another "FIV" cat, I'd love to come live with you both! And, btw, I LOVE kids...I like to follow them around hoping they'll look behind and give me all kinds of pets !!! Who knew that these funny looking, short humans would be so full of love. Yep, life has definitely improved for me since I was brought here. Now, listen up, I am READY to go to my forever home. Come on down and get me - you won't be sorry :-) The wonderful folks here at Cat Angels wanted you to understand a bit more about FIV so they put in the below from Vetinfo.com Feline immunoddeficiency virus, or FIV, is called feline AIDs because it behaves in the same way inside your cat's body that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, behaves inside the human body. FIV is not contagious to humans or other species. Though it's contagious from cat to cat, it's difficult to spread; transmission usually requires a deep bite wound, though it can also be spread through blood transfusions and by minor bite wounds if the infected cat's gums are bleeding. It cannot be passed by litter boxes, water or food bowls, or by casual contact; it's very rare for this disease to be spread from mother to kitten. Feline immunodeficiency virus compromises your cat's immune system. This means that he can no longer fight off illnesses and infections, and he'll be vulnerable to a range of secondary infections that may be rare in healthy cats. FIV cats may suffer serious illness, and even death, as a result of illnesses and infections that would be considered quite minor, if they weren't immuno-compromised. The good news is that cats with FIV may never display symptoms; they may live normal, happy, healthy life spans. Caring for a cat with FIV is much the same as caring for any other cat; you must simply be extra vigilant for signs of illness. FIV cats must be kept indoors at all times, and away from contact with non-infected cats, though they may be allowed contact with other FIV positive cats. FIV cats should be kept as free as possible from stress. They should enjoy a high quality, high protein diet. Secondary infections should be watched for and any health problems, no matter how minor they might seem, should be treated immediately as they arise.
  • Good with cats
  • Housetrained
  • Current on vaccinations
Special needs
Butch Cassidy (Fiv Positive) Butch Cassidy (Fiv Positive) Butch Cassidy (Fiv Positive)
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