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Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.


**** Be 21 (twenty-one) years of age or older.

**** If you have other pets, they must be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccines!

**** If you rent your home, pets must be allowed and you have paid any required pet deposits.

**** Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for a pet for the entire life of that animal.

******** Live within 50 miles of Cary, NC ********

Our adoption fee is $115 and includes the spay or neuter, HomeAgain microchip, FeLV/FIV test, Rabies vaccine, FVRCP vaccines, Feline Leukemia vaccines, deworming, flea treatments, ringworm culture, physical exams and any additional medical treatment needed.
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Cat Angels Cats or Kittens You Are Interested In:
Your Name (required):
Are you a U.S. citizen?
Your Street address (required):
Your City, State ZIP (required):

Please provide whichever telephone contact numbers are appropriate below. You don't have to provide all phone numbers, but we will need to be able to contact you by phone to discuss the application.
Home phone:
Cell/other phone:


Best way and time to contact you:
What age cat are you interested in adopting?

Why do you want to adopt at this time?

When did you decide to get a new cat?
What qualities are you looking for in a cat or kitten?

What is the intended purpose of this cat?
(Indicate all that apply):
1. companion for myself/family
2. companion for another animal
3. mouser
4. gift
5. other
What pets do you currently have in your household? This includes roommate's pets. For each, please give us the following information: Type (dog, cat, etc.), age, whether the animal is spayed or neutered, whether it was declawed (if a cat) and why it was declawed, and whether it is an indoor pet, outdoor pet, or both.

List your three most recent previous pets: Type (dog, cat, etc.), whether it was spayed or neutered, whether it was declawed (if a cat), whether it was an indoor pet, outdoor pet, or both. What happened to this pet?

If you have ever had a pet, we would like to get a reference from your veterinarian. Please enter the name of your veterinary hospital, the city it is in, and the name the vet records would be listed under:
May we contact your veterinarian as a reference?
If not, please explain why.
List all the members in your household including family, roommates, or frequent visitors. Please include their ages:
Is the whole family in agreement with adopting a rescue cat or kitten? If not, who isn't, and what are their reasons?

If you have roommates, are they in agreement with adopting a rescue cat or kitten? If not, who isn't, and what are their reasons?
Does anyone in your home (including roommates) have pet allergies or a history of pet allergies?
Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the cat?

Are you 21 years of age or older?
Do you own or rent?

If you rent, have you paid any applicable pet deposits?
If you rent, what is your landlord's name and telephone number?

What kind of lifestyle do you want your cat to live, and why?
1. Strictly Indoor
2. Mostly Indoor with some Outdoor
3. Indoor/Outdoor
4. Strictly Outdoor

Do you have:
1. Screened Porch
2. Balcony
3. Fenced Yard
4. Pet Door
5. Cat Fencing

(for example, Purrfect Fence Cat Enclosure at
If you don't have something like this, then you do not have cat fencing.
Do you plan to have this cat declawed?
What will you do if your cat claws the furniture or shows other destructive behavior?

Where will you be placing the litterbox in your home? Or if you already have cats, where are their litterboxes?
Is there a specific cat or kitten you are interested in adopting from us? If yes, please indicate its name, and tell us why this particular animal. If no, please tell us if there is anything specific you are looking for.

Where will your cat or kitten be kept during the day? And at night?

How many hours will this cat or kitten spend alone each day?

How long do you feel a cat or kitten should be given for an adjustment period?

Have you ever applied to adopt a cat or kitten from Cat Angels? If yes, what happened with the application?

Have you ever applied to adopt a cat or kitten from another pet adoption organization? If yes, what happened with the application?

Excluding your death, would you give away your cat or kitten for any of the following situations?

Moving to another state?
Having a baby?

Scratches the furniture?

Urinates outside the litterbox?
Too expensive?

Getting a divorce or getting married?
Found a new "no pet" apartment?
Fleas or sheds too much?
Finished with school/moving back home?
Children will no longer take care of it?
Any other reason?
How much do you estimate caring for your cat or kitten will cost each year? (Mainly routine veterinary visits, supplies, food, toys, etc.) ?

Are you willing to pay that?
How often do you think a cat or kitten should go to the vet for routine care?

If your cat or kitten becomes ill, will you take it to the vet and pay for the care?
How long do you expect an average, well-cared-for cat to live?

Would you have any objections if a Cat Angels volunteer wanted to make a follow up visit to your home after the adoption?

How did you find out about Cat Angels Pet Adoptions?

Questions or comments:

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Cat Angels hopes that by going through this process, we will reduce the chance of an inappropriate match both for you and for our animals.

A Cat Angels adoption counselor will contact you with 1-2 days of your submission. Please be patient as we are all volunteers. If you do not hear back after 2 days, please email as a technical problem may have prevented delivery of your application.

Please read before submitting
If you experience any server errors after submitting this application, please let us know by email to so we can get it fixed ASAP! If you are unable to submit an application because of technical problems, we can email you application in Microsoft Word upon request. Thank you!
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