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Jemima Puddle-Duck (kitten)

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Breed:  Domestic Short Hair (mix)
Age: 4/21/15       Gender:  Male
Color: Black Tux white stripe on nose
Weight:    Other: 
Altered: Yes   Ref. no.: C150131

Hi, Iím Bearclaw. I guess my brother, Beignet (thatís Ben-yea to you!) has been talking about us again. Golly, it does get a bit embarrassing when youíre as handsome and sophisticated as we are to be called some gooey-sweet name. But, Iíve got to admit, the boy is right! We are the fix for a sweet tooth, all right!

We all had a ďbiteĒ taken out of our ears because folks just canít resist us! Ha ha! No, really, we are so lucky. We all got medical treatments and fixes and brought here to this wonderful place. We get to be warm, we get all kinds of food..hey!! Speaking of which, itís just about supper time! Where are those people? Iíve been looking cute and loving on people all day and Iíve got an appetite worked up!

Here they come, and wait! Look, Donut, Beignet, and Cupcake!!! I see our family coming! Now, hereís what you doÖgo rub against their legs, purr really loudly and as pretty as you can, and jump in their lap! Let Ďem know we found them! Sometimes these human parents are a little hard of hearing Ė so get their attention!

Additional information: *Housetrained  *Current on shots  

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